Export Documentation

Certain exports need export documents to be certified (authenticated) by a Chamber of Commerce. The Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber) provides a certification service for certificates of origin and other trade documents, including commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of manufacture, certificates of free sale, and visa applications.

Most often certification of export documents is required:

  • for exports to some Middle Eastern, Latin American or Asian countries, or
  • if your products are food or health type products, or
  • if a developing country has a special concession arrangement, or
  • there is a free trade agreement between New Zealand and the importing country.

Certification fees

CECC Member $23.00 + GST
CECC Non-member* $46.00 + GST
FTA certificates of origin  $30.00 + GST

* CECC Non-members will need to pay prior to issuing. Payment can be made by cash, credit card or cheque made out to the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce.

In order to make the certification process as easy as possible please follow the instructions here.

Please email the certs team or call 03 366 5096 if you have any questions regarding export documentation.

Certificates of origin

A certificate of origin is a document to certify the place of growth, production or manufacture of goods. It is required when exporting to specific countries, when requested by a consignee for customers clearance, or when stipulated in a Letter of Credit. Certificates of origin are processed electronically through eCert. Please click here to view the instructions for the certification process.

Certificate of Origin (word)

Certificate of Origin (excel)

Export Indemnity Form

Free Trade Agreement Certificates of Origin

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce & Industry have been approved as a Certified Body by New Zealand Customs to issue preferential certificates of origin under the following Free Trade Agreements:

  • New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement
  • ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZ FTA)

As a member of New Zealand Chambers of Commerce and Industry, we are able to issue these to exporters provided all supporting and evidentiary documentation is provided. For more information on what information is required to obtain a Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin, please visit the Chamber Docs website.

Prior to registering for an FTA certificate of origin please contact us so that we can provide you with guidance with your registration. You will need to register on both of the below websites which facilitate this service:

Certificate of Free Sale/Certificate of Manufacture

These certificates are issued to provide assurance to the overseas government agency that the products listed on the form comply with the requirements of the New Zealand laws of distribution. These are also processed electronically through eCert.  Please click here to view the instructions for the certification process.

Certificate of Free Sale

Certificate of Manufacture


A carnet is a Customs document which facilitates the temporary export of goods overseas. They can be likened to a passport for your goods. Carnets can be valid for up to a year, for multiple trips.

The advantages of using a carnet are that they will:

  • Save your money - by allowing temporary duty free admission of your goods into overseas countries.
  • Save you time - by avoiding the need to prepare importation forms for different countries.
  • Save on hassle - by avoiding the possibility of goods being confiscated by Customs.
  • Make business easier - by making Customs arrangement in advance and at a predetermined cost.

For further information on carnets please email Shirley van Waveren or call 03 335 3186.

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