Ask your team

Lift your performance by listening to your people

AskYourTeam drives business improvement through continuous engagement with your team

The AskYourTeam process begins with everyone in your team completing an anonymous online survey about all areas of your business performance. Then the system produces reports that show your leaders where to act most urgently to help their people to perform better in their jobs. Using the AskYourTeam reports as a guide, leaders and their teams work together to create action programmes that will lift the organisation’s performance. After as little as two to three months, your team can complete the survey again. From the fresh results, the cycle begins again. You measure the progress you’ve made and design new action plans to further improve performance.

As a Chamber member, AskYourTeam will provide you a 5% discount off standard rates. [Terms and conditions apply.]

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Download the Ask Your Team brochure here or watch the videos below.

To find out more or book, please contact Anna Johnstone on 03 353 0314. 

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