Director, Bowman Associates Ltd

As a Director of three independent companies, I am involved with residential and commercial property development. I have initiated the development of over 200 townhouses / apartments in the Christchurch central city, and currently have commercial projects in iZone and Rangiora.

Having grown up in Christchurch, I have a genuine concern and care for the region’s wellbeing and am passionate about ensuring our local infrastructure is sound.

Post-quake, I was involved with the Rebuilders and Enablers Forum, trying to make a difference in our community, and now as the region continues to develop, my driver and passion is to help businesses gain traction and really get our economy going.

After starting out my career as an accountant in the financial sector, I moved on to senior and general management roles in the primary, manufacturing, service and property sectors. Additionally, I work as a self employed consultant specialising in transactional competence and unravelling complexity with business owners running SMEs. This gives me a sound understanding of strategic issues facing businesses across the board and what they deal with at a grassroots level.

Knowing that when cities do well, regions do well, I understand how to set clear aims and manage resources. Committed to supporting projects that contribute to getting people back into the city, I believe that my transactional competence training is unique and valuable, and I am keen to add my skills and knowledge to the Chamber governance team, and help ensure that our local economy is humming.

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