Orion provides the electricity distribution infrastructure that powers the people and businesses of Christchurch and central Canterbury. The electricity network owned and operated by Orion serves both rural and urban communities across a very diverse geographic region, delivering electricity to more than 202,000 homes and businesses. Its network extends over 8,000 square kilometres across central Canterbury from the Waimakariri in the north to the Rakaia River in the south; from the Canterbury coast to Arthur’s Pass.

Orion is community owned and returns its profits to the community it serves through the company’s two shareholders - Christchurch City Council, through its subsidiary Christchurch City Holdings Ltd, and Selwyn District Council. In financial year 2018, Orion returned $55 million in dividends to its shareholders.

Growth in the region, particularly new subdivisions, has seen Orion welcome more than 6,000 new customers to their network over the past two years. Building and maintaining their infrastructure to support that growth is a priority. So too is helping business and the community in general realise the benefits of New Zealand’s sustainable energy resource.

Orion CEO, Rob Jamieson, says it is important for the company to support the business sector. “The community depends on us to keep their homes functioning and businesses running. We’re passionate about providing a safe, reliable and resilient electricity service to the region. We also think we have a responsibility to do what we can to contribute in other ways to the wellbeing of the community. A thriving business sector is vital for a healthy, sustainable Canterbury."

“Our sponsorship of The Chamber gives us the chance to join in the discussion about what’s important to sustain growth in the region and how we tackle the issues we are facing. For us it is also important The Chamber provides a place to bring business people together to make connections and learn about ways to help their business be successful. Our Values are about connecting, creating and collaborating, and supporting - The Chamber ticks all three boxes.” says Mr Jamieson.