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Workplace culture made simple and smart. 

Our partnership with Culture by Design

We, like any employer, want to make sure we’re providing a healthy, inspiring and productive environment for our people and setting up the right conditions for our long term success. CbD have been helping us to achieve this through a whole team self-assessment of our current culture, the building of a future-focussed culture plan and building our very own culture team to bring it to life. They’ve also been working with our Executive Team to advance our strategic goals and introduce us to a new way of working through Agile. 

Who are Culture by Design?

CbD are a specialised and passionate Canterbury-based team, excited to be making a difference in the world of workplace culture. The founders Mary and Marie are passionate about equipping organisations large and small to lead and deliver their own workplace culture development – your culture, your people in the driver’s seat. In order to achieve this, they’ve created an end-to-end culture excellence programme called Acentia – and Acentia Core especially for small business. 

Simple, Practical, Unique

When it comes to workplace culture, complexity doesn't work. That's why at Culture by Design the approach to workplace culture is "keep it simple", with a system and tools that are easy to understand. 

But simple isn't enough. They've also worked hard to ensure all parts of the process are practical, from assessment reports to toolkits and workshops. After all, if you can't apply it, you can't benefit from it!

Finally, everything they do is with your uniqueness in mind. Your workplace culture is as unique as you are, and a generic approach isn't going to cut it. That's why getting to know each client is such a crucial part of the CbD process. 

Get in touch

The team at CbD would be happy to sit down with you over a coffee to discuss your culture needs – no cost, no commitment, just a great chat. 

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