Louisa is commercial manager at Orbica Ltd, an award-winning Christchurch geospatial technology company that has grown from a start-up to employing more than 24 permanent staff across two continents in two-and-a-half years. 

Orbica provides professional services and develops innovative products for clients in three countries to date, and is exploring further offshore markets. Louisa brings her legal expertise to the Orbica team to negotiate joint ventures and collaborative endeavours, contracts, regulatory compliance and risk management. She has a broad background in business consultancy, service delivery design, business process analysis, customer experience and project management. She has wealth of experience across small-to-medium size businesses, large corporates and in the government sector. She has also run her own consultancy business and retail store in Wellington, which imported artisanal and antique goods from Japan.

Louisa enjoys spending her spare time with her husband Adrian and daughter Poppy growing plants and playing music, as well as advocating for people negotiating with EQC.