City Missioner
Christchurch City Mission

With a personal and professional foundation built on the premise that ‘it is all about our people’, coupled with a high level of experience and success within the finance sector, operational, property and project management, I am confident that I bring a well-rounded framework to The Chamber Board that encompasses a holistic passion for development of our people and our economy.

Presently, alongside a team of 123 staff and 250 volunteers, I enjoy the honour of serving tens of thousands of individuals within Canterbury each year through arguably some of the toughest moments they will experience. My desire to impact those within our community and leave a legacy that continues to cause ongoing positive change is a core value in being a catalyst for ongoing transformation.

I believe operational excellence and personnel development are continuous goals and as such seek to constantly develop people, while also ensuring they appreciate and understand the value they bring as individuals and as a part of a team to an organisation through their actions and endeavours. This coupled with a desire for strong financial performance and the implementation of effective structures to maximise efficient use of all resources, provides a platform for success.

Being commercially astute, adept in strategic thinking and possessing a strong belief in transparency and accountability, I have a proven track record in growing people, establishing sincere partnerships and developing efficient business practices that in turn create a high performance environment, and ultimately, enables all to enjoy success.