Owner/Director, Grow Good

We are in exciting times as more and more businesses choose to transition to being a 'business for good' and not just for profit. This significant period in the Chamber's history requires new thinking and ideas and I believe I can help with that.

I bring a diverse, international sales and marketing background experience. Ranging from working for large multinationals like Johnson & Johnson in the UK, through to running my own business Grow Good Ltd, where I am a specialist trainer and coach who helps people and organisations define their big-picture purpose and grow positive change in the world.

Beyond that, as a business owner of a for-profit B Corporation, who also works for the not-for-profit Kilmarnock Enterprises, and a member and supplier to the Chamber, and someone who has themselves transitioned to the business for good world, I feel that I’m well placed to serve Leeann and the Chamber as they lead this movement locally. 

View Tim's candidate video here.