Resourcing Your Business in Today's Labour Market

Are you struggling to keep up with staffing demands in your business? If so, you're not alone. The current climate has made it more challenging than ever to attract and retain talent. But there are strategies you can employ to help address staff shortages and keep your business running smoothly. Our Resourcing Your Business Day event features a series of industry led sessions that seek to spark curiosity, conversations and connections across business.

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9.00am – 9.50am

At what cost? Finding the sweet spot between resourcing and finance

Presented by BDO

Does your business have a clear understanding of the relationship between resourcing and finance, and what it means to effectively invest in your business's human capital. This session aims to pause the resourcing merry-go-round for a moment to reflect on the impact of your investments and consider what you need to know to make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources.

Philip Roth, Director
Kimberley Symon, Director
Joshua Lodge, Senior Accountant

10.00am – 10.50am

How to revolutionize operations through Automation

Presented by; Thelning Design Innovation

Led by Nelson Thelning of Thelning Design Innovation, this session will provide you with insights into how automation can help you revolutionize your operations and overcome staff shortages, while also improving productivity and efficiency in your business.

Nelson Thelning will share his expertise and practical insights into how automation can be used to transform industry processes and operations. You'll learn about the latest advances in automation technology, including robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and how these can be applied to your business.

Nelson Thelning, Managing Director

11.00am – 12.15pm

Tapping into underemployed workforces

Presented by Ministry of Social Development and Catapult

Explore ways to diversify your workforce and tap into underrepresented employee pools. Join us for an informative session facilitated by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and Catapult, that will provide you with insights into the benefits of hiring from underrepresented employee pools, and the support available to help you do so.

James McMillan, MSD Work Broker 
Brent Trethewey, Employment Consultant
Charlotte Ackroyd, Employment Consultant

12.30pm – 1.20pm

Recruiting from overseas

Presented by Lane Neave 

This session takes a deep dive into recruiting talent from overseas. Through real-life case studies and interactive discussions, you'll gain insights into the international employee market and how to reach people in those markets.

Facilitated by immigration experts from Lane Neave, you'll learn about the various challenges and processes involved in bringing international talent into the country, including immigration law and visa applications, and settlement. You'll also discover practical tips and strategies for recruiting talent from overseas, including how to attract top talent, what to consider when making job offers, and how to ensure a smooth transition for new employees.

Rachael Mason, Partner

Businesses who are looking for insights on opportunities available to businesses to recruit, train or upskill in the current difficult labour market


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Non member - $50 +GST


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5/05/2023 9:00 AM - 1:20 PM
Mainland Room The Chamber CHRISTCHURCH 8013 NEW ZEALAND
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