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Hear about the latest in sensing technology and how this is revolutionising the way farms will be operated. 

Innovative agri-tech helps NZ farmers to produce better quality products, and Craig Piggott has changed the game. Halter has designed and produced a GPS-enabled, solar-powered cow collar that uses sound stimuli to manage cow health and movement. Halter links tablets and Smartphones allowing farmers to direct individual cow or whole herd movements, while also monitoring individual cow health, and alerts farmers to any concerns. Winner of the Innovation Systems and Performance Improvement Award at the 2017 NZ Innovation Awards, and with Peter Beck as an investor and mentor, Craig and Halter are ones to watch.


Craig Piggott, CEO, Halter

Craig grew up working on my family’s Waikato dairy farm. In 2016, while he was completing his Mechanical Engineering degree, he took a role at the satellite launch company, Rocket Lab. In that role he saw technology being used to completely revolutionise an industry. He reflected on this, and that dairy – the industry he knew best – had seen little change since the advent of the milking machine. 

In 2016, Craig founded Halter – a company set on modernising the dairy industry and bringing the best of technology back to the farm. Halter has grown a team of 25 employees, whose work has received widespread recognition, investment from both New Zealand and American venture capitalists, and took home awards at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards.

Craig is a finalist for the 2018 New Zealand Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award and EY Entrepreneur of the year award.


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