Nexia Better Business Series: Beyond Design Thinking

Beyond Design Thinking: Discover smarter ways of thinking to create new business value

Reimagine and reframe problems to design better solutions, unearth new opportunities, solve complex problems simply, de-risk projects, and create new meaning & value for your business. 

In this talk, an expert in creative problem solving and design thinking Alan Cox will reveal proven methodologies from design thinking and entrepreneurship for identifying the gaps in products, services and business models that can keep you at least one step ahead of your competition and remain strong and relevant into the future.

This session will address:

How to solve complex challenges, simply
How to identify underserved customer needs 
How to de-risk initiatives and projects
How to get a creative, innovative and happier culture

About the Presenter – Alan Cox (How Might We)
Alan is a student and teacher of what makes companies able to innovate and out-think the competition and is passionate about driving the success of the NZ business community. Driven by a relentless curiosity, Alan has been a leading thinker in customer-centric design and innovation for over 30 years and has helped a wide range of international businesses unlock millions in revenue. Alan is a Socratic advisor and teacher that arms leaders and teams with the tools and mindsets to tackle complex challenges, ignite a culture of innovation and create lasting value.

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Thanks to our Better Business Series Partner:

30/10/2018 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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