Low Price High Cost: The human cost of a cut-price culture

What every business needs to know, and needs to show!
The origins of our products used to be of little or no concern to our customers, as long as the price was right, of course all that’s changed now with consumers demanding greater transparency on the systems and sources that deliver their goods. And that’s bringing about
changes to business - it’s impacting reputations, transforming marketing, distinguishing employers and changing the way that we engage suppliers.

Is your business vulnerable? October's Business for Good event (free for members to attend) will demonstrate just how vulnerable businesses from all sectors are to aiding human trafficking. Even here in little old New Zealand! 
You don’t need to be a retailer or manufacturer for this stuff to matter - your smart phone, that t-shirt, cup of coffee , do you really know the conditions under which is was made?

International human trafficking expert and CEO of the Mekong Club Matt Friedman joins us to give a comprehensive overview of the complexities of modern slavery and how businesses can reduce their vulnerability within their supply chains/business environment.  We will also be joined by Gary Shaw, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Kathmandu who will share how Kathmandu is leading the way in addressing modern slavery through supply chain transparency and management initiatives.


Member: Free to attend
Non Member: $50 + GST

26/10/2018 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
57 Kilmore Street Christchurch Central CHRISTCHURCH 8013 NEW ZEALAND

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