Caring for Yourself and Others Post Incident

The events of Friday 15th March 2019 will be affecting people in a range of ways, and each of us will have different ways of coping. 

For workplaces understanding and promoting information on ways your people can self-care can be helpful in restoring an individual’s sense of agency and perceptions of themselves as effective individuals.

Presented by Nadine Dixon, General Manager of Mindwell, specialists in Mental Health training, this one-hour session is open to all businesses and their staff at no cost, and will;
Explore the physical response to traumatic events / stress and it’s affects 
Explain ways to ‘re-set’ - and the science that underpins this
Introduce you to practical exercises to care for yourself and others including; breathing, emotion, ‘in the now’, and relaxation exercise
Outline additional help and support.

We’ll also have plenty of resources on hand so that you can share these with your workplace.

Free for both Members and Non-members to attend. Email to register your attendance if you are unable to log in.

Facilitated by:

4/04/2019 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
The Chamber Christchurch Central CHRISTCHURCH 8013 NEW ZEALAND

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