New Supervision Program for Manufacturers. This course is broken into two sessions designed to help you set expectations and goals, give you strategies to manage conflict, create confidence in the art of successful delegation and develop techniques to engage your team in decision making and problem solving.

A Supervisor in a manufacturing or production environment will typically have several years’ experience in manufacturing or production – usually within the same industry. This experience will help them to step up into a supervisory role, but there is more to this role than just product and process knowledge.

A supervisor is directly responsible for overseeing and organizing the equipment, staff, and processes on a production floor. They will oversee scheduling and routine production activities as well as acting as first-line troubleshooting should problems arise.

All of this requires a specific skill set and this programme will give your supervisors the opportunity to explore and develop new skills. It will enable supervisors to become more efficient and confident in dealing with others. They will become more proficient with delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback and resolving conflict.

Day 1 – 18 June 2020  |  9.00am - 3.30pm

Setting Expectations - 

  • Defining the requirements
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and growth
  • Setting verbal expectations
  • Putting expectations in writing

Setting Goals -

  • Understanding cascading goals
  • The SMART way
  • The Three P’s
  • Helping others set goals

Assigning Work –

  • General assignment principles
  • The Dictatorial approach
  • The Apple Picking approach
  • The collaborative approach

Degrees of Delegation-

  • Level 1 Complete Supervision
  • Level 2 Partial Supervision
  • Level 3 – Complete Independence

Implementing Delegation –

  • Deciding to delegate
  • To whom should you delegate
  • Providing instructions
  • Monitoring the results
  • Trouble shooting delegation

Day 2 – 25 June 2020  |  9.00am - 3.30pm

Providing Feedback –

  • Characteristics of good feedback
  • Feedback delivery tools
  • Informal feedback
  • Formal feedback

Managing Your Time –

  • The 80/20 Rule
  • Prioritise with the urgent / important Matrix
  • Using a production journal
  • Using routines and rituals to simplify your workday

Resolving Conflict –

  • Using a conflict resolution process
  • Maintaining fairness
  • Seeking help from within the team
  • Seeking help from outside the team

Special Situations –

  • Promotion from within the team
  • Leading a brand new team
  • Taking on an established team

Continuous Development –

  • Asking the right questions of the right people
  • Go to Gemba
  • How to keep on learning


  • Define requirements for particular tasks
  • Set expectations for your staff
  • Set SMART goals for yourself
  • Help your staff set SMART goals
  • Assign work and delegate appropriately
  • Provide effective, appropriate feedback to your staff
  • Manage your time more efficiently
  • Help your team resolve conflicts
  • Understand how to manage effectively in particular situations
  • Understand what a new supervisor needs to do to get started on the right path

Member Price: $1,000 + GST
Non-Member Price: $2,000 + GST


Victoria Barkway

Victoria is a learning and development professional with over 20 years experience in writing, delivering and evaluating leadership, management and sales training programme's, operating in the UK and New Zealand.Victoria works closely with The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and enjoys designing and delivering a broad range of training programme’s for Canterbury employers as well as offering advice and consultancy services in all areas of people and performance including leadership and management development, managing performance, HR processes and employment law.Victoria holds a Level 5 Diploma in Adult Learning and Education, a Massey Certificate in Employment Relations and is passionate about helping organisations realise the potential in their people.Victoria can deliver tailor made training for your organisation and deliver in house to groups or via one to one coaching.

"Vic was so funny, sure did know her stuff"
"Victoria was amazing, very friendly, fab tutor"
"Really enjoyable course, learnt so much."
"Amazing , what a great teacher"
"Useful tools to take away and share"
"Insightful for managers and gets them thinking about there teams."

18/06/2020 9:00 AM - 25/06/2020 3:30 PM

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