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Our Essential Leadership Skills Programme will provide you with a strong foundation in leadership, enabling you to reflect upon your leadership style and learn how to further develop your leadership capabilities. The programme offers seven modules in total to allow you to develop your skills in manageable chunks. Please note we can also deliver this as an in-house option.



Module 1: Focusing on the Leadership Role - 4 May 2021

  • Leadership and management responsibilities
  • The differences between management and leadership
  • The 4 stages of team performance and your role at each stage
  • The need for task, team and individual focus

Module 2: Engaging Teams and Individuals - 11 May 2021

  • Situational leadership styles
  • Building competence and commitment in team members
  • Different levels of team leadership
  • Your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • How to identify, plan and achieve goals

Module 3: Leading Teams through Change - 18 May 2021

  • Constructive and destructive change management behaviours
  • The 3 Levels of change
  • Why people resist change and the stages people go through
  • How to plan and communicate the change process
  • How to engage individuals in change

Module 4: Excellence in Communication - 25 May 2021

  • Organisational communication patterns
  • Barriers to clear communication
  • How your visual and vocal behaviour can impact on situations
  • How to develop stronger listening skills
  • Giving clear, effective and motivational feedback to others

Module 5: Handling Conflict in the Workplace - 1 June 2021

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of conflict
  • Conflict resolution styles
  • Managing your emotions
  • Handling conflict between team members
  • Conflict resolving counter-tactics

Module 6: Managing Performance - 8 June 2021

  • Factors that can affect motivation and ability to perform well in the workplace
  • Stages of development
  • Identify why a situation has arisen and identify the root causes
  • Which elements of performance need to be addressed first
  • How to provide clear feedback

Module 7: Programme Review - 13 July 2021
Approximately 6 weeks after the completion of Module 6 our final module provides a forum in which to consolidate and review;

  • Key learning from the programme
  • The progress of Personal Action Plans
  • An introduction to personal coaching (using the GROW Model)
  • Tackling ongoing challenges
  • Goals for the next 12 months 


  • Identify and work on your own leadership style and capabilities  
  • Lead your team to consistently high levels of performance
  • Maintain a balance between achieving your own tasks and leading others
  • Using the right leadership style for the right situation
  • Harnessing the ideas of your team to achieve results
  • Build a structured plan to focus on the future
  • Achieve successful outcomes through different levels of change
  • Understand your workforce and focus on their individual needs
  • Keep people engaged and on board with workplace changes
  • Use the correct methods of communication to achieve your desired outcome
  • Influence others with a controlled and professional communication style
  • Listen well to others and gain a broader perspective
  • Recognise positive performance and keep people motivated
  • Embed a positive and constructive workplace culture to deal with conflict
  • Know when to ignore, manage and escalate conflict situations
  • Identify your own strengths and areas to develop in conflict styles
  • Manage situations within employment law requirements and best practice
  • Gain a clear perspective on performance issues
  • Raise the level of awareness in individuals and plan a way forward
  • Identify how to tackle ongoing challenges and coach others into becoming solutions focused


  • High performing teams
  • Workload balance
  • Team and individual input and engagement
  • Clear direction for yourself and the business
  • A resilient workforce  adaptable to change
  • Better organisational and inter personal communication
  • A culture of collaboration
  • Well developed teams and individuals 


  • Anyone in an existing management or leadership role who wishes to refresh their skills and explore current best practice.
  • Anyone who is thinking of moving into a management or leadership role and wishes to explore the role, and responsibilities further.


Member Whole Course: $1,900 + GST
Non-Member Whole Course: $3,700 + GST


Victoria is a learning and development professional with over 20 years experience in writing, delivering and evaluating leadership, management and sales training programme's, operating in the UK and New Zealand.Victoria works closely with The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and enjoys designing and delivering a broad range of training programme’s for Canterbury employers as well as offering advice and consultancy services in all areas of people and performance including leadership and management development, managing performance, HR processes and employment law.Victoria holds a Level 5 Diploma in Adult Learning and Education, a Massey Certificate in Employment Relations and is passionate about helping organisations realise the potential in their people.Victoria can deliver tailor made training for your organisation and deliver in house to groups or via one to one coaching.

"This whole programme has given me the structures that I needed to get organised, to run better team meetings and find the time to look at the future and strategize"

"I’ve learnt that just because someone is a certain way it doesn’t mean they can’t contribute and by focusing more on building relationships with them gets better results across the whole team" 

"I know the stages of team performance now and knowing this means I am ready for ‘storming’ and I have a clear strategy now to move my team into the ‘performing’ stage"

"Leading teams through change is a completely new skill set for me. I plan and implement changes much better now that I have been on the course and I enjoy implementing change now rather than dread it"

"I have become so considered and mindful of my responses, my communication style and overall input at work and its really paying off"

"I have literally taken ideas from this course and implemented them as soon as I got back to work each week and we are on fire"

"The course really helped me to actively listen at work and not just listen to formulate my immediate answers. It’s a game changer"

"It is only because of this course that I had the courage to challenge some practices in my workplace and this has resulted in a safer environment, physically and mentally. I feel like a leader now and I didn’t before"

"The performance management module gave me such a clear picture of how to help an employee to improve and its made my recent performance review discussions so much more meaningful"

4/05/2021 9:30 AM - 13/07/2021 1:00 PM
This event is full.

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