On this course, you’ll learn how to build your brand, manage it and market it effectively.

What’s the difference between Seiko and Rolex? They’re both just watches aren’t they? 
Why do some people trust Obama over Trump? They both do the same job?
Is a Louis Vuitton handbag really worth $3000?
What is a brand and how can you develop a reputable one for your organisation? More than just a logo, having a strong brand allows you to command a premium price point and stand out from your competitors. It also increases credibility, customer loyalty, and allows you to introduce new products/services into the market easier.
On this course, you’ll learn how to build your brand, manage it and market it effectively. 

You’ll learn about:

Branding and building a brand
How branding can drive your reputation
Brand equity
Positioning in the marketplace
Your target audience

So you can:

Build brand equity
Drive customer acquisition through loyalty and word of mouth
Introduce new product lines easily

To achieve:

A greater value for your business
Engaged employees 
Better marketing 
Improved reputation in the marketplace

Who is this course for?

Business owners & entrepreneurs
Marketers and those involved in or with marketing teams
Anyone looking to introduce a new product/service in to the marketplace.


Member: $480 + GST
Non-Member: $960 + GST
31/10/2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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