6 week intensive boot camp covering the essentials for becoming a better digital marketer. You want the latest tips, tricks and tools of the trade from those in the know?  This intensive 6 week boot camp has been curated for you to learn, do, and come out as a stronger digital marketer.

Places are limited on this course.

What will you learn?

Week 1 Digital Strategy

Facilitator: TBC

  • What is digital
  • Key elements of digital strategy
  • Creating your digital plan
  • Presenting your digital plan - how to engage your stakeholders

Week 2 SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Facilitator: Mark Rocket

  • What is SEM and what did you do?!
  • Customer-centric thinking – search terms, analytics, keywords, Bing
  • Importance of snappy copy and intriguing calls to action
  • Understanding your competitors and when to compete (or not!)

Week 3 Social Media

Facilitator: Lawrence Smith

  • Understand key social media platforms and when to use them for maximum results
  • Learn different aspects of social media eg. content strategies and paid media
  • Understand and interpret the data and analytics (basic)

Week 4 Email Marketing

Facilitator: Andrew Kay

  • The legal ins and outs of email…
  • Perception is everything - best practice dos and don'ts
  • Customer lifecycle and email (a perfect partnership)
  • Tracking your successes (and failures)

Week 5 Content

Facilitator: Boyd Wason

  • Using customer data to create content that will perform
  • How to optimise your highest-performing posts
  • Creating a strong sales funnel – generating and converting leads
  • Measuring and evaluating campaign analytics

Week 6 Insights + Reporting

Facilitator: Brigitte Capp

  • Learn to see the forest for the trees, what data matters when you are reporting
  • Tools and techniques for monitoring and measuring your campaigns
  • How to interpret results so that you can make better marketing decisions

This course is for you if:

  • You are new to marketing
  • You are new to digital marketing

“I really enjoyed the course. The after-hours timing and 2hr blocks were really manageable and allowed you to digest each subject area well. The topics worked well together, especially finishing off with a focus on measuring digital marketing. I found myself applying the knowledge pretty quickly. Met some cool people and look forward to the next course” - Sam Davidson, Previous Digital Boot Camp Student

"Without being overly enthusiastic, I loved everything - the class size, the content, the people that took the different sessions - I learned something every session that was practical, that I could apply to my job the very next day. The people were fantastic too - those taking the sessions were great presenters, engaging and easy to understand - I want to keep going to these sessions!" - Hannah Stoddart, Previous Digital Boot Camp Student

Member price: $995 + GST
Non-member price: $1,495 + GST
25/07/2019 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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