Noel Leeming has partnered with New Zealand Chambers of Commerce to offer members fantastic savings on products in its Noel Leeming stores nationwide. 

For purchases at Noel Leeming please present your member savings email along with a business card or payslip that identifies you as an employee of your workplace and Chamber member at the time of purchase. 

If you do not have a copy of your member savings email, please contact our membership team.

Noel Leeming also offers businesses a range of support services:

Payment Options: We can customise payment options to suit your business needs (including account credit terms and operating lease).
Commercial After Sales Services
Tailored Product Solutions and Promotions
Tech Solutions: Our mobile Tech Services team have the know-how to set up today's technology. In the home and small business environment.

Contact Tech Solutions to find out more 0800 555 989

For more information call  0800 737 5223, email  or visit