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As you will all be aware, trading conditions have been bad in both the electricity and natural gas markets during the past year. See our latest Electricity and Gas Market Updates attached for further details.

To view the Electricity Market Update please click here.
To view the Gas Market Update please click here.

In the time of use (larger business sites) part of the electricity market, business customers have received average +/- 30% ‘energy’ price hikes in 2019. Energy is the contestable part of electricity supply. Lines charges (a local monopoly) are not affected by these problems.

Price hikes have been even worse in the natural gas market this year for a variety of reasons. To put this problem in wider context, Pohokura the largest gas field was subject to recurring unplanned outages during the past year. The next outage (scheduled this time) is due next March. 18 months or so ago, the New Zealand Government banned all new offshore oil and gas exploration which is adding more pressure to the markets.

**The good news for you, our members, that are non-TOU (smaller sites) electricity users, is that non-TOU business users have not yet been significantly impacted by price hikes. However non-TOU rates will be going up during the coming quarter as we understand it.

**There is however, a brief window of opportunity still available to you, if you act promptly, to lock-in decent non-TOU rates before the Christmas holiday season.

To take advantage of this special offer please email us on info@cecc.org.nz