COVID Restrictions Ending August 2023

The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce welcomes the removal of all remaining COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Government today.

Chief Executive, Leeann Watson says “The removal of remaining restrictions, particularly the seven-day mandatory isolation period which no longer makes sense, has been something The Chamber has long advocated for.”

“The length of isolation requirements has been disruptive, and exacerbated workforce pressures at the same time as businesses are dealing with historic labour market shortages, inflationary pressure and rising interest rates, and softening demand.

“The impacts have been felt most by sectors like manufacturing, construction, retail, and hospitality where staff can’t work from home.

“The removal of the seven-day isolation period puts us back in line with the rest of the world and will mean businesses can use common sense and knowledge of their own operations to implement policies around mask-wearing, working from home, and sick leave.

“Questions remain about whether the changes announced today will also mean the end of the COVID leave support scheme. The Chamber will continue to support members through this and encourages businesses to get in touch for advice updating any COVID and sickness policies accordingly.


For more information contact:

Leeann Watson | Chief Executive, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce

Email: [email protected], Mobile: 027 447 7775