Connecting our community

Enable has grown from a small start-up into a large, community-owned business generating significant value to the Christchurch community through its world-class fibre broadband services.
Chief Executive Steve Fuller has been involved in the company since its inception and says the region has seen significant change in that time. 

“I’ve been very fortunate for the last 12 years to be part of a rapidly growing company that’s focused on providing value and benefits to our community. This has been our single focus from the early days, with a mandate to disrupt the local commercial broadband access market in the first instance, and then to today where 110,000 homes and businesses are benefitting from our fibre broadband services. 

“Clearly, Christchurch is a very different city and community now to what it was when Enable was formed in 2007. It’s very difficult to get an accurate gauge on how much of this change has been due to the necessity of redevelopment post-earthquakes and how much has been driven by the disruptive factors that are transforming how we all work, live, play, relax and connect with each other.” 

Having been in the telecommunications industry for over 40 years, Steve says there is one thing that is constant – technology drives huge change. 

“As a community we’re subject to the same technology, demographic and geopolitical pressures facing all communities – from social media, greater access to worldwide content, digital disruption from the likes of emerging artificial intelligence, and virtual, augmented and mixed realities, to increased connectedness all in the presence of increasing global environmental, natural resources, population growth and age changes, and economic pressures. 

“As we’ve moved beyond recovery to focus on growth and the future of our community, it’s clear that we have taken steps towards ensuring we are a community that can embrace and thrive responding to these local, national and global pressures. 

“I think we’re in an exciting position to set the foundations now to maximise the opportunities of the digital revolution that’s upon us as we embark upon the next decade.”
Steve believes that balancing our city’s traditional strengths with future-focused connectivity will be key to realising the city’s transformational opportunity. 

“Our transformational opportunity sits within a mix of what has always made our region a fantastic place to live, and a digital revolution that has entirely removed the isolation we once felt. 

“Our size – big enough to make a difference but not too big, natural resources, the quality of lifestyle, the strength of and pride in our community are our traditional strengths. We can now leverage these strengths within a global economy, with very few barriers to reaching new customers or partners to innovate and grow with. 

“We can attract more tourists to visit our region and make it easy for them to share their experience with the world. The best people can come or stay here to work and live in our community, and they can do their best work here connecting easily with anyone, anywhere. We can easily access services that will make us more productive or more efficient – or, better yet, we can create these services, house them in the cloud and sell them to the rest of the world.” 

Clearly, the connectivity that’s made possible by world-class fibre broadband sits at the heart of all these opportunities. More critically, Steve says the fibre broadband connectivity can be used to strengthen our community. 

“Our purpose is fundamentally focused on contributing to our community. Fibre broadband provides a powerful tool to help more people in our community access essential services and work opportunities when they otherwise couldn’t or learn new skills and grow. The difficulty comes in the implementation and the realisation of value to the community – both social and economic – and the affordability in the current environment. 

“We’re very proud of our relationship with The Chamber and the work we continue to do, helping businesses make the most of digital technology and supporting the next generation of leaders in our community. The people of Christchurch will see more from us in this area in the coming years, as we focus more on enhancing our environment and growing our community connectivity.”