Integrity in the digital age

Mint Design’s mission has always been about bringing trustworthy digital marketing services to Canterbury’s business community.

It was a courageous aim when the marketing agency started in 2010; the digital age had heralded massive business change and cowboys were rife in the industry. But it’s one that has paid off – as the company still works with many of the original clients they took on because of their reputation for integrity, while other agencies have long gone. 

Mint Design Managing Director Shayne Moore says the key to maintaining these relationships has been good communication and keeping current as digital marketing has evolved. 

The goal now is to expand nationally. 

“We want to be the most trusted digital agency in New Zealand. In the next 12 months we want to set-up an Auckland office to be able to cover more of New Zealand more effectively and within five years, we want to be one of the largest suppliers of marketing to the country’s accommodation sector.”
Shayne says it’s about creating more jobs in New Zealand by helping Kiwi businesses grow, his own included. 

The Mint team has gone from three to 17 in the last decade – boosted by winning a significant contract with Google Street View in 2015 – and that growth is set to continue. 

“We’re very proud of the fact that our hard work has created jobs for Kiwis, it’s a huge passion of ours and a personal driver in business. Our team’s key strength is that everyone is data and numbers driven” says Alice Moore, Co-Founder at Mint Design. 

Investment is digital marketing is crucial as the make-up of the country’s workforce shifts to being predominantly millennials. 

“In five years, 80 percent of the workforce in New Zealand are going to be millennials who consume far less traditional media. To be taken seriously in the market, and to adapt to this new generation of decision makers, you’ve got to invest in digital,” Shayne says.