Carl Davidson

Carl Davidson 2015Carl is a Director of Research First and one of New Zealand’s leading experts in organisational learning and commercial research. Carl brings together a rare mix of commercial acumen, theoretical expertise, and research experience.  It is this mix of skills that are utilised by Boards and Senior Management Teams of some of New Zealand’s leading companies.

In addition to his Directorship with Research First, Carl has extensive governance experience including a term as the Chair of the Families Commission and is currently a member of the Crown’s Advisory Experts Group for Information Security (AEGIS) for the Children’s Action Plan (CAP).

As well as being involved in commercial and social research for over 20 years, Carl is the author, editor, or co-author of seven books, including the best selling Knowledge Management: An Introduction to Creating Competitive Advantage from Intellectual Capital (Tandem Press, Auckland, 2002). In addition, he has written for popular magazines such as Management, NZ Business, Business 2 Business, and Unlimited, he currently contributes a regular opinion piece to the Press.

Carl is deeply passionate about Christchurch and the future growth of the Canterbury Economy. Carl is committed to promoting the need for smart, innovative and brave thinking in the rebuild of Christchurch, ensuring that the new city meets the needs of business and also to the development of the next generation of leaders who will drive the new city.

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