Global Expert

Connecting NZ businesses to global expertise

If you have technical questions, need to find the right expert or partner or are looking from new suppliers and distributore, Global Expert can help.

Global Expert is a subsidised government service commited to assisting businesses with research and development by increasing connections with national and international research organisations and consultants. The right experts can provide the right assistance from design to development to delivery to market.

Global Expert finds the answers

Technical questions across all project stages - Global Expert helps companies solve production, process and new product development problems. Experts can assist in product design and manufacture, specialise product testing and regulatory compliance advice.

Technology sourcing and special supplier relations questions - Global Expert connects companies to new technology providers and specialist suppliers of leading edge materials and technologies.

Market-related questions in the design or delivery stages of a project - Global Expert connects companies to experts who provide market assessments, indentify market dynamics and opportunities and find potential channel partners.

For more infromation email Rob Lawrence or call 03 335 3177.


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