6Tips for Affected Businesses

Things to do right now

1. Enquire about the Earthquake Support Subsidy: 0800 779 997. The online form is available here (on www.workandincome.govt.nz). This site also provides information on other support for individuals.

2. Fully check and understand your insurance cover – exactly what this means, including your Business Interruption Insurance. Opening even for a short period may compromise your eligibility.

3. Cashflow is key:

  • Contact IRD – you may be able to defer payments (GST, PAYE etc). They are taking flexible and realistic approaches. 0800 473 566
  • Talk to your bank manager – ensure they’re aware of the situation, they may be able to assist with low / no interest.
  • Get in touch with suppliers – delay payment if possible, and cancel / postpone stock orders
  • Check and understand your lease agreements - get in touch with your landlord
  • Understand your obligations around paying staff – The Chamber is here to help: 0800 50 50 96

4. Communication with staff

  • Keep it positive, provide reassurance and be empathetic
  • Your wellbeing is key – look after yourselves too and don’t be afraid to access The Chamber’s HR advisors and other support networks
  • Understand every individual is different and encourage them to seek support. The Earthquake Support Line is 0800 777 846
  • If you can’t access payroll records, your bank may be able to replicate previous pay
  • Call The Chamber’s HR advisors if you need them – they’re here to help you through this and have been through this before: 0800 50 50 96.

5. Keep consistent, open communication with suppliers and customers so they’re aware of situation as it changes day to day, otherwise assumptions may be made. Customers outside of your area and NZ may be receiving the wrong messages so it’s best they hear from you directly.

6. Stay safe – always remember safety is paramount. 

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