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Cyber Security


Most of us spend a lot of time plugged into the digital world. Technology enables us to do business better, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Yet as we become more reliant on connected technologies, the risk of falling victim to cybercrime increases.

A few years back, businesses could more tightly control their IT networks. Employees had desktop computers, offices had networked printers – these machines all stayed in the same location. Now employees can BYOD (bring your own device), use cloud based tools, work wherever wifi can be found and provide network access to external contractors…

Fundamentally the way we work has changed – but often our security protocols haven’t kept up. And it’s this lack of policy and protocols that provide opportunity for cyber-attacks.

New Zealand is not immune to cybercrime. In fact, 1 in 5 small businesses in New Zealand that have been targeted by a cyber-attack with an average financial loss to those small businesses of $19k (Source: Norton New Zealand SMB Cybersecurity Survey, 2016).

As part of Cyber Smart week, we have put together a panel of experts that will break down what you need to know and what you need to do to protect yourself and your business online. We will also discuss how to respond if your business is attacked.

Don’t miss this event and your opportunity to ask the experts your questions to keep your business safe.

Speakers / Panellists include:

  • CERT NZ Representative
  • Stuart Dillion Roberts, Digital Journey
  • Graeme Crombie, Technology Legal Specialist at Lane Neave
  • Speaker TBC - Cyber Insurance Specialist at Crombie Lockwood
  • Tim Sewell, Head of Security at Computer Concepts Limited

Formalities and speaking will finish around 5pm.

Refreshments and networking until 5.30pm.


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Wednesday 29 November


3:30pm - 5:30pm


The Chamber, 57 Kilmore Street






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