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Courageous Conversations

ConversationDo you put off or avoid having a difficult conversation about a challenging workplace or interpersonal issue?

Do you allude to the ‘problem’ by couching your feedback in ambiguous and indirect language that is misunderstood and doesn’t achieve the required change, or worse, alienate and antagonise the receiver because you cannot build rapport?

Whatever your position in your organisation, you will be required to engage in awkward conversations that require candour and courage if you wish to seek authentic change in your team. The ability to articulate and position honest feedback is essential if you want to assist your colleagues and staff to make appreciable changes in performance and culture. Delivering the difficult message can cause conflict and anxiety; however, executed well, tackling difficult issues with courage will enhance your management and leadership style, as well as assisting your colleague’s personal development.

This half-day workshop explores the skills required to deliver honest, constructive feedback in an authentic manner, which addresses the challenges of difficult and challenging behaviour across a range of workplace contexts.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the four communication styles and how each style influences the response to feedback
  • use Transactional Analysis to understand and influence more positive behaviour
  • recognise the impact of emotional intelligence on actions and responses
  • communicate candid feedback in a non-threatening and constructive manner
  • recognise the importance of empathy and perspective-taking in authentic communication
  • use listening, non-verbal communication, questioning skills to get agreement to share candid feedback
  • practise initiating and receiving courageous conversations.


  • Preparing to have a difficult conversation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the drivers that build self-awareness
  • Use the DESC model to give development/coaching feedback
  • Recognise the difference between descriptive and evaluative feedback
  • Build a model that encouages self-reflection in the receiver

Comments from previous attendees

"This course was presented at a high standard"

"The tools gained will help me prepare better and approach meetings differently"

"This seminar has given me the tools to deal with a current difficult situation"

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Monday 20 November 2017


9:00am to 1:00pm


The Chamber


Desiree Williamson

Desirée (Communication Works) designs and facilitates training for organisations seeking more authentic and effective workplace communication with every stakeholder. Her focus for all participants is to facilitate the discovery of solutions to communication issues, and to enhance the effectiveness of their workplace communication from customer service, team buliding, oral presentation and business writing skills.



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$640.00 + GST

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