Time Management



We live in the ‘24/7’ digital age where there are ever-increasing workplace expectations to achieve more with our time. Although, we have smarter digital devices and tools to assist us with these goals, it’s easy to feel we are losing the battle to manage our time.

This half-day workshop is designed to give you a simple framework and tools to evaluate what needs to happen so you can deal constructively with time constraints and achieve better work-life balance.

So you can:

  • Recognise your work style and time stealers
  • Communicate and managing expectations
  • Apply Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people
  • Set goals and prioritising
  • Apply the Pareto principle
  • Utilise tools, tips and strategies to save time
  • Minimise stress. 

 You’ll learn about:

  • identifying your working styles and time wasters
  • adopting Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and being proactive in setting goals and managing time
  • communicating boundaries, saying No, and negotiating realistic win-win outcomes
  • recognising how to set priorities and manage an environment where urgent tasks do not dominate the day
  • developing practical strategies to work SMART, manage time, tasks and wellbeing.

 To achieve:

  • an understanding of time wasters and how to apply successful strategies and tools to balance the competing demands of the workplace.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wishes to take back control of his/her time in the workplace
  • Perpetual Procrastinators

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Tuesday 20 February 2018


9:00am to 1:00pm


The Chamber, 57 Kilmore Street


Desiree Williamson

Desirée (Communication Works) designs and facilitates training for organisations seeking more authentic and effective workplace communication with every stakeholder. Her focus for all participants is to facilitate the discovery of solutions to communication issues, and to enhance the effectiveness of their workplace communication from customer service, team buliding, oral presentation and business writing skills.



$280.00 + GST


$560.00 + GST

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