Air New Zeland Cargo

Moving it all, around the world

Air New Zealand aims to maintain a strong and price-competitive network reach which meets the needs of Kiwi exporters and importers and fulfils the airline’s aspiration to help to supercharge New Zealand’s success.

AirNZ Cargo

Cargo is an important facet of Air New Zealand’s business and is important to New Zealand’s high value export chain. The national carrier plays a key role in moving timesensitive, high value exports and imports, carrying close to 30 per cent of air-freighted exports from New Zealand and more than a third of New Zealand’s air-freighted imports.

Each week more than 380 international Air New Zealand flights carry cargo to and from 33 cities in 18 countries around the globe and the airline has transported more than 37 million kilograms of exports from New Zealand. Air New Zealand’s cargo network includes 50 partner airlines and 15 land-based operators opening up 120 destinations to exporters and importers so that New Zealand can sell to and import product from almost any point on the globe.

The airline works with exporters in the meat, seafood, produce and flower industries, along with others, to understand specific product requirements and uses its experience, knowledge and resources to help customers to access key international markets.

South Island International Cargo sales manager Simone Pickard says Air New Zealand Cargo is focused on further expansion both by growing existing markets and by setting up new freight services to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Osaka, where the airline will soon begin flying.

“Establishing new ports requires significant planning,” she says.

“We need to set up our new ground handler, ensure unit loading devices (ULDs) are at the port for start-up and consider local regulations and requirements which differ from port to port.”

In addition to introducing new services, Air New Zealand is adding capacity and frequency to existing international markets, for example transitioning to daily services between Auckland and Houston for the peak season, between December and February.

In New Zealand there are currently three dedicated cargo terminals: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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