Orly makes return to city with state of the art services

One of New Zealand’s most advanced video, animation and TV commercial production facilities has opened within central-city Christchurch with a focus on using a new generation of technology to help local and national businesses promote themselves to the world.

Orly croppedFirst established on 22nd November 1962, Orly Productions was forced to relocate from the city when the 22nd February 2011 earthquakes largely destroyed the company’s Salisbury Street studios. After four years working from the outskirts of the city, Orly made the decision to take on the architectural design of the building themselves and recently completed building the studio facilities on the company’s former site.

Producer/director Ross Beck says the range of high-tech services the company can now offer is enabling Orly to help more New Zealand businesses compete on the local and international market.

“The range of services we can offer now – from video, animation and TV commercial production to interactive business presentations – means that businesses based in Christchurch and across the country can access production facilities that are of an international standard and quality,” says Ross.

“The new studio is a significant resource for local businesses, meaning they can tell their stories to the world through advertising, presentations, and digital media in ways not previously possible.”

The company is also bringing more international work to Christchurch.

“We’re currently producing both video and 3D animation for local clients like Tait Communications and Hamilton Jet among many others to help them market their products and services across the world, often in very unique ways.

“We’re also designing and shooting TV commercials and promotional videos combining live action and animation for Australian clients like Sealy Australia.”

Ross says the design of the new facilities highlight the creative talents of the team. “We see this as an opportunity to bring a new standard of quality and the technology to the local market.”

“Working with our engineers, we were able to come up with a creative solution for every part of the new building, which offers state-of-the-art production, editing and special effects development.”

Ross says maintaining a successful business for over five decades has always been about focusing on looking after our clients with good service and creative quality, supported by the latest technological innovations.

“We’ve always believed there’s a real need for both the services and facilities we are able to provide based here in Christchurch – and our investment in the new studios underscores our commitment to the city.”

As well as television commercials and video features – now shot in ultra-high definition 6K digital across Australasia or within the Orly sound stage – the company now specialises in producing 3D animation and motion-graphics and a range of other online content, as well as smartphone and tablet applications for iOS and Android.

Orly has also pioneered a new, interactive presentation system. Completely designed and developed by Orly, and now used by companies around the country, iPRES is a scalable business presentation solution providing much better cut through and connectivity with clients than dated slide based presentations.

“Ultimately, success for our clients is based on how well we adapt to changing technology and the demands of local and international businesses and their audiences,” says Ross.

“We’re passionate about what the future holds, both for our company and the city. We’re proud to be back in the centre of Christchurch, and to be able to offer a full spectrum of the latest media production resources that will help local businesses tell their own stories in the best possible way – and showcase them to an increasingly discerning, global market.”


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